Clubs and Intramural Sports

Information about clubs/activities are given during announcements daily to all students. All permission slips are located in the cafeteria for all to pick up; however, linked below are the same permission slips for your use.

For more information, please email the sponsors of each club.
After School Late Run Bus Routes



Art Club

Run by

Dr. Coy
Art club will meet weekly on Tuesday MORNINGS from 7:00AM – 7:30am. Art club will begin on October 25th and will meet until March 21st. All students are welcome! Students can come to as many meetings as they’d like. We will work with charcoal, watercolors, ink, soap carving, tile glazing and more!


Art Club Permission Slip


Run by

Mrs. Slowik
Mrs. Bielanski
Ciao! Did you know that Bocce is the second most played sport in the world, behind only soccer? Started in 5200 B.C. by the Egyptians, banned by the Italian government in 1576, and loved by millions across America, Bocce is one of the most diverse sports you may ever play! Bocce encourages teamwork and skill, while at the same time it can introduce friendships and a general knowledge of a new cultural game.
At Mead, Bocce is an indoor game played between two teams of four students. You toss or roll your bocce balls the closest to a smaller target ball called a pallino, the first team to 12 points wins. Simple enough!
The club ends with all teams competing at the end of season tournament! Bocce Club meets after school from 2:30-3:50pm this fall.
Bocce Club Permission Slip


Club Unify

Run by

Mrs. Woods
Ms. Geraghty
Club Unify is afterschool program committed to helping Mead students with special needs build friendships by pairing them one-on-one with their general education peers. During each meeting, the student pairs will interact together in social settings and activities ranging from sports to arts and crafts. The goal of Club Unify is to provide a worthwhile learning experience for all students while fostering friendships and appropriate social interactions.
Club Unify Permission Slip


Creative Writing Club

Run by

Mrs. Roppo
Creative Writing Club is open to 7th and 8th grade students who have interest in strengthening their skills with story writing, comic design, poetry, script writing, and more.
Creative Writing Club Permission Slip


Dissection Club

Run by

Mr. Hirshfeld
The two weeks from March 13-17 and March 20 -24, students will have the opportunity to dissect frogs and fetal pigs to analyze the organism’s anatomy and physiology and compare their findings to understand how the human system works. You must commit to participate in each of the 2 weeks of dissection. One for frogs, one for fetal pigs.


Drama Club

Run by

Mr. Fletcher
Ms. Geraghty
Drama Club is an after school club established to allow students to work collaboratively with others, build confidence with performing and speaking skills, and love for the arts. Drama Club is open to all 7th and 8th grade students.
Drama Club Permission Slip



Fluid Power Challenge

Run by

Mr. Hirshfeld
Mrs. Lorenc
After attending an information workshop that explains the year’s challenge, each team of 4 students will design and build a prototype or model of a fluid and pneumatic powered machine that will accomplish the task set forth. They will also assemble a portfolio of the work they have done to enter the competition. They will use their knowledge and skills to reproduce the machine they designed on the day of the competition.

Fluid Power Challenge Permission Slip

Fuse Club

Run by

Mrs. Urbanek
Do you like to design things? Do you like to create music, animations, digital engineering or do some fun coding challenges? FUSE will be the club for you. Work on challenges as a team or individually if you prefer. Through the FUSE website, you will choose challenges that you would like to work on during club time individually or with other students. Most challenges are online, but hands-on challenges are available to develop with your FUSE Coach. Each challenge is a carefully designed activity composed of levels of increasing difficulty. Each challenge is based on a STEAM topic and designed to appeal to personal, non-STEAM interests. The leveled structure of our challenges allow for personalized learning: the early levels hook students and provide early success, while more advanced tasks in later levels build confidence and ability.
FUSE is a drop-in club. Students can attend as often as meets their schedule. Students will meet from 2:15-4:00 pm on Tuesdays from Mid January to Mid March.


Fuse Club Permission Slip



Garden Club

Run by

Mrs. Hoppesch
Mead’s Garden Club is a way to learn about gardening and to make and eat tasty recipes from what we grow through hands-on activities. We grow a variety of herbs and vegetables, and we’ve extended our garden to the surrounding grounds, where we’ve planted hostas and tulips.
Produce not used to make club snacks is donated to a local food pantry. Join our club if you want to develop your green thumb! We meet in room 103 before going out to the gardens together. Please bring a permission slip, and notify us of any food allergies or restrictions.

Garden Club Permission Slip

Golf Club

Run by

Ms. Geraghty


The golf club returns in the 22-23 school year at Margaret Mead Jr. High! Join Ms. Geraghty at a local golf course to learn about the rules of golf, etiquette of golf, learn some things about hitting and putting, and play some holes! No need to have any experience, just make sure you have some clubs and a ride home and you can join the club! Let Ms. Geraghty know if you have any questions or are interested in joining! Look for more information to come before spring break! Let’s ROUND up a team and play some MEADMADE golf!!
Golf Club Permission Slip



History Fair Club

Run by

Ms. Morrison
History Fair Club runs from December – March for Magnet students to work on their History Fair Projects. Every Monday after school in room 223, students will be given time to research, build projects, and seek advice from Ms. Morrison about how to make competitive projects.


Run by

Dr. Varchmin
If you like problem solving, working with others on challenging puzzles, and enjoy doing math, then join Mathletes.  We meet after school weekly from January to March.  This is a math club in which we train for a district math competition in the Spring.  We love math. We talk math. We share our thinking about math, and we represent the great minds here at Mead. #reigningchampions2022
Mathletes Permission Slip



Mead TV

Run by

Ms. Heinlein
Mead TV is open to all students that attend Mead Junior High that try out to gain a roll on the daily broadcast.  Eighth grade students are given preference for on air positions. Students are engaged in the pre-planning, set-up, operation of, performance in, and distribution of a live television broadcast throughout the school on a daily basis. 

Mustang Cycles

Run by

Mrs. Lopez-Sunday
Are you interested in biking? Do you like being outside? No bike needed! Come out and join our Mustang Cycles. We will plan routes, learn how to take care of bikes and be outside!! Any questions email Mrs. Lopez Sunday or stop by in room 228. Mustang Cycles will start in April!



Prairie Partners

Run by

Mr. Pfeifer
The purpose of Prairie Partners is to create an environmental club that establishes and maintains the preservation of prairies and other natural areas in Illinois. Prairie Partners is an after school club that will meet in the Spring at Hoover Elementary School. Magnet students will serve as Mead Mentors to a group of 20 3rd grade students. Together with the help of Mrs. Franz (Hoover gifted teacher) and Mr. Pfeifer (Mead Magnet teacher) students will learn the importance of community service, native gardening and mentorship.

Pride Club

Run by

Mrs. Porzel
Attention, seventh and eighth graders! You are invited to join our first PRIDE Club at Mead Jr. High. “Hate has no home here”…and everyone can participate in the fun! In this club, we will celebrate and respect the diversity in our school and community. Through discussions, activities, and projects, we will work together to embrace differences, promote equality, and ultimately be PROUD of who YOU ARE!
This club meets at least once each month, and our first meeting will be on October 27th from 2:15 to 3:50 in room 229. Our additional dates are 11/15, 12/13, 1/17, 2/14, 3/14, 4/11, and 5/9. Please fill out the permission slip below and return it to Mrs. Porzel by our first meeting. Bring a friend!

Pride Club Permission Slip


Rocketry/Drone Club

Run by

Mr. Hirshfeld
In Rocketry Club, students work collaboratively to learn about and engineer functional rockets, as well as other machines related to rocket physics. Students that have participated in Rocketry club before at their elementary schools will be given more advanced rocket designs to create. Students will have the opportunity to launch their hand crafted rockets at the annual District 54 Rocket Launch in the Spring
Rocketry Club Permission Slip


Rube Goldberg Club

Run by

Mr. Hirshfeld
A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that is designed to perform a very simple task in a very over-complicated fashion. This club will cater to your creative and inventive side. There will be a maximum of 10 students on the team and you must be willing to commit to one Saturday for our contest along with approximately 15 after school meetings.


Tennis Club

Run by

Ms. Ravanesi
Welcoming beginners or pros! We will develop and grow mechanics, teach basic court positioning for singles and doubles, and learn how to keep score. Participants will engage in technical instruction, fun drills, and competitive matches.
Tennis Club Permission Slip


Yearbook Club

Run by

Ms. Morrison
Mrs. Reimel
Yearbook Club meets every Thursday from January to Spring Break after school in room 223 (Ms. Morrison’s Room).  In Yearbook Club, you will design the 2020-2021 Yearbook by selecting pictures from school events and creating a layout.  Students will use computer design and art skills to create pages.  Students will even get a chance to take some pictures of clubs and activities during the school year.  Yearbook Club is a great way to have fun and socialize with friends. Please contact Ms. Morrison or Mrs. Reimel for any questions.
Yearbook Club Permission Slip


Intramural Sports


In order to participate in the following intramurals at Mead, students MUST have a Sports Physical on file with the nurse and complete the Intramural Sports Permission Slip.

Sports Physical

Intramural Sports Permission Slip



Run by

Mr. Hirshfeld

Soccer intramurals are every Tuesday and Thursday and take place in the fall and spring.  Whether you have soccer experience or not, come on out and have fun playing.  After you get a permission slip signed, you can show up and play! We meet every Tuesday and Thursday in Mr. Hirshfeld’s room 104 after school and then head out to the field together to play till 3:45.  Please remember to bring clothes and shoes to play in! Come out and join us!

Co-Ed Volleyball

Run by

Mr. Donlan
Mrs. Haney

Co-Ed volleyball intramurals is open to all 7th and 8th grade students.  Come have a great time playing volleyball games in a relaxed, fun setting.  The meeting dates for this year are:  Tues. 12/13, Thurs. 12/15, Fri. 12/16, Mon. 12/19 and Tues. 12/20


Co-Ed Volleyball Information Sheet