Mission & Goals

Margaret Mead Junior High School Mission and Vision

It is the mission of Mead Junior High to ensure student success.

We will accomplish this through our:

  • Instruction – As a reflective PLC building, we consistently collaborate to create differentiated lessons that challenge and actively engage all students to ensure they exceed their individualized goals.
  • Assessment – The data from a variety of reliable and frequent assessments, aligned to District 54’s college- and career-readiness standards, are utilized to drive our instruction to ensure students exceed their individualized academic goals.
  • Intervention – Interventions are designed in order to support the core academic and social emotional needs to ensure students attain each essential outcome aligned with the common core along with meeting and exceed their individualized goals.
  • Enrichment – Instruction is designed through collaboration to challenge students to use critical thinking skills and discourse to become autonomous learners to ensure that they exceed their academic goals.
  • Engagement –Engaging lessons are implemented to maximize student participation in order to motivate students by incorporating their interests into lesson plans so they can take ownership of their own learning.