Palmer/Donlan Floor Hockey Classes

Miss Palmer’s and Mr. Donlan’s PE classes will have a Floor Hockey test this Friday, February 17.  Use your study guide and worksheet to prepare yourself.

Donlan/Palmer: Floor Hockey…

This week Mr. Donlan and Miss Palmer’s classes began playing floor hockey. The essential skill learned this week were stick handling, passing, and 2 types of shots. Next week we will continue to play games, as well as learn 2 more types of shots and discuss offense and defensive strategies.

Palmer/Donlan Health Classes

Last week our health classes finished the Communicable Disease Unit. We will continue to be in health until Wednesday February 1st. This week we are beginning our Non-Communicable Disease unit to finish out this rotation.

Floor Hockey Test

Ms. Knight’s and Mr. Bach’s PE classes will have a Floor Hockey test Wednesday, January 25.  Use your study guide to prepare yourself.

Palmer/Donlan Classes…..

Our classes will be in Health upon our return from Winter Break. Please meet in the Health classroom, ready to go, with all of your health belongings on Monday January 9th. We will be starting our 3 week Disease Unit.


We hope you all have a wonderful break and a Happy Holidays!

Push-up Test

For an incentive to stay fit and healthy for the new year, the PE department gave Mead students a challenge.  At the end of their next PE rotation, Mead students will need to improve on the best push-up score of the year by 2.  This will be worth 10 points.  So get on the floor and practice your push-ups.

Welcome to Mead PE

Students are now changing into their PE uniforms daily.  They are playing games and doing a series of fitness test.  They will also start running the mile at least once a week.  Students are encouraged to practice at home to achieve higher fitness and health levels.