Mead PE Classes

This week most of the Mead students completed their end of the year Fitness tests. Any absent students will make up missed tests next week.

Monday we are beginning our ‘Flex’ unit of Basketball, Softball, or Ultimate Frisbee. Students will be exposed to skills in each of those units and then have the choice of which game they prefer to play for a mini unit.

Students will not be changing into their uniforms on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday due to the special PARCC Testing schedule, however, they will need to bring their PE clothes and be ready to go on Thursday!


All classes are back in PE this week!

We have started our end of the year fitness testing, including the pacer, curl-up, push-up, and sit and reach fitness tests. We will continue testing students throughout this week. This is the last time we will fitness test this year and these scores will be submitted to the state.

Students should be prepared to go outside everyday from here on out this school year.

First Aid Test

Students that are in Ms. Knight’s or Mr. Bach’s health classes will be having a test over chapters 20 and 21 this Thursday, April 13. Study your notes and your worksheets that were done in class over the last 3 weeks.

Palmer/Donlan Classes:

Today (3/16) is our final day of health. The students in Miss Palmer’s and Mr. Donlan’s classes will be finishing their last rotation and turning their health textbooks into the library.


We will be in PE and in the gym for the remainder of the school year. Be sure to have your uniform washed and ready for the yoga day tomorrow and badminton unit to begin on Monday!

Badminton Students

Students that are in Mrs. Knight’s or Mr. Bach’s PE classes can come in the morning to take their Badminton Serving test again to better their score.  Also there will be a Badminton Knowledge Test this Wednesday, March 15th.  Bring your Chrome books to class and student your worksheet and study guide.

Palmer/Donlan Classes

Miss Palmer and Mr. Donlan’s classes are back in health for our final, 3 week rotation! We will be in the classroom until Thursday, March 16th.

On Monday, we began our First Aid unit. During this unit, students will be working on a project and creating a First Aid information page on an assigned injury. This project will be introduced in class today, and will be due Tuesday, March 7th.

Badminton Worksheet

Ms. Knight’s and Mr. Bach’s PE classes have to turn in their Badminton worksheet on 2/27.

Palmer/Donlan Floor Hockey Classes

Miss Palmer’s and Mr. Donlan’s PE classes will have a Floor Hockey test this Friday, February 17.  Use your study guide and worksheet to prepare yourself.

Donlan/Palmer: Floor Hockey…

This week Mr. Donlan and Miss Palmer’s classes began playing floor hockey. The essential skill learned this week were stick handling, passing, and 2 types of shots. Next week we will continue to play games, as well as learn 2 more types of shots and discuss offense and defensive strategies.

Palmer/Donlan Health Classes

Last week our health classes finished the Communicable Disease Unit. We will continue to be in health until Wednesday February 1st. This week we are beginning our Non-Communicable Disease unit to finish out this rotation.