July 4, 2022

On Friday, August 12, we invite our families to come to Mead for #MeadMade Day from 7:00 am to 3:30 pm. This day is optional and is devoted to helping your Mustang start the school year by getting acclimated to the school before the busyness of the year starts on August 15 and 16. Please bring your student’s class schedule and school supplies during your visit. On this day, please enter Mead at our main entrance (door 1) and ring our doorbell where one of our wonderful secretaries will welcome you in. They will provide you with a “#MeadMade” checklist that will include a building map, fun scavenger hunt, and directions on how you can show off your #MeadMade spirit during your visit! During your walk around the building, make sure you to stop by your student’s locker to drop-off school supplies, decorate the inside of their locker (make sure there is a picture of the family in there 😊), and practice opening their locker as many times as needed! We then encourage you to walk the hallways of Mead to find their classrooms. Don’t forget to stop by the cafeteria to take a picture at the #MeadMade “Selfie Station”! This day is an optional, easy, and fun way to get your student acclimated to Mead Junior High!