December 5, 2022

Greetings Margaret Mead Community,
At Mead, our simple and focused goals are Fostering Academic Achievement and a Creating a Positive Culture.  During the month of December, our focus on Fostering Academic Achievement for our students and Creating a Positive Culture at Mead is on full display.  Starting last week, our students took their winter MAP tests in reading and mathematics.  Winter MAP tests allow our teachers and your student to see the progress they have made this school year.  We will use the Winter MAP results to plan for specific and individualized instruction for each student the latter half of the school year.  During our Advocacy lessons, our students and staff continue to take valuable time away from typical daily instruction to learn about being “Mead Made” by engaging social-emotional learning lessons/experiences around fairness and honesty, goal-setting, building relationships, personal emotions, culture and perspectives, empathy and bullying, and personal responsibility.  We encourage you to discuss with your student their take-aways from what they learn during Advocacy.  This month, our students are focusing on the importance of kindness—our hope to is to spread the positivity that comes from helping others.  We are hosting our annual Giving Tree to benefit Mead families-in-need this holiday season—our Giving Tree is the ultimate project of kindness!   These events are powerful reminders to all of us what it means to be “Mead Made”.  Please read below for more information about our goals to Foster Academic Achievement and Create a Positive Culture at Mead.      
Fostering Academic Achievement

Eighth Grade High School Transition: District 211 will be hosting their Incoming Freshmen Nights on the following dates and times:

  1. Conant High School: December 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm 
  2. Schaumburg High School: December 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  3. Hoffman Estates High School: December 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm
  4. Fremd High School: December 7 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

District 211 has updated its comprehensive transition guidebook for the high school graduating class of 2027.  The guidebook highlights important information the families of current 8th grade students will want to know.  Each District 211 high school has a unique version of the Class of 2027 Transition Guidebook.  You can locate electronic copies of each high school’s guidebook on the District 211 webpage devoted to incoming freshmen information.  Please contact your student’s prospective high school for more information about the high school transition.    

Academic Support:  If your student requires academic support or just help with organization, then please see below on various ways that we provide support at Mead to ensure your student’s success.

  • The District 54 Infinite Campus Parent Portal provides access for parents and students to information including viewing assignments, attendance, grades, academic schedule, and teacher comments.   If you currently do not have a Parent Portal account, please email [email protected] or you can call our front office at 1-847-357-6000 and our secretaries can assist you.  If you have previously created a Parent Portal account and cannot recall your username or password, then you can reset them yourself from the parent portal by selecting “forgot password”.  You can also pay your students fees through your parent portal account.  This includes your $50 consumable fee, optional instructional device insurance (grades 3-8 only), and milk.  The consumable fee will increase by $15 if payment is not received by November 15, $25 if not received by February 1, and $35 if not received by April 1.  If you believe your student will qualify for the Free Lunch Program and therefore will qualify for a fee waiver, do not pay the consumable material fee at this time. Applications for the Free Lunch Program are available online and in the school office.  
  • Chromebooks: We use the organizational tools on the Google platform via Chromebook to help develop your student’s organizational skills and learn responsibility. This platform also serves as a communication tool between home and school.  Please remind your student to charge their Chromebook nightly and to bring their power cord with them to school every day.  For more information, please click on this link: Parent/Community Instructions for Accessing their Child’s Google Calendar for helpful information for you to help your student manage their Google Calendar.  
  • Mead Homework Website:   On a daily basis, you can see what assignments your student has to complete and to see when they have upcoming tests/assessments by visiting our Mead homepage and clicking on our Mead Homework Website—you can click on this LINK to begin using it now.  Be sure to bookmark this site to stay up on your student’s assignment list.
  • After-School Academic Content Study Halls:  Our language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science teachers host after-school content study halls are open to all students who either need academic support from content specialists or just want a quiet place to study with peers at Mead.  Please know that teachers are also available by appointment by emailing your student’s teachers to request extra help either before or after school.  
  • Class Work Support Program: If your student has 5 or more missing assignments, then they will take part in our Class Work Support Program to support their missing assignment completion.  The Class Work Support Program includes some or all of the following:
    1. A Class Work Guide (Mead staff member) may meet with your student to develop a plan to complete their missing assignments for the week. 
    2. An optional Afterschool Class Work Support Study Hall is available for your student to attend after-school on Monday or Tuesday to support them in completing their missing assignments. 
    3. A mandatory Afterschool Class Work Support Study Hall may be required for your student to attend after-school on Thursday to provide a protected time to hold them accountable in completing their missing assignments. 
    4. A daily check-in with a Mead staff member to review a daily homework sheet to support your student’s organization. 
    5. A Class Work Mentor (Mead staff member) may be assigned to them to work with them on organizational skills.   

Creating a Positive Culture
PTA: Please visit our Mead PTA Facebook page for information including how to join the PTA and how to sign up for volunteer opportunities through our PTA.   Please see below for other important information:

  • Our next PTA Meeting is Monday, December 5 at 7:00 pm over Zoom by clicking on the meeting link HERE.
  • Your student can participate in the PTA Hot Lunch program by clicking on this LINK and place your order for upcoming lunches.  Please note that this site allows you to custom order your student’s hot lunch choices and then pay for the selected hot lunches.  The hot lunches will be served during your student’s lunch period every Thursday from various restaurants in the area.  The PTA is looking for volunteers to serve the hot lunches on Thursdays.  If you are available to volunteer one or more times, please sign up at:  This link is also on the Mead PTA Facebook page.  
  • We are also looking for volunteers to come and serve our students their pizza slices.  If you are available to volunteer one or more times, please sign up at: 

Boys Basketball, Cheer, and Poms play/perform on 12/6 @ South, 12/8 vs. Eisenhower, and 12/12, 12/13, and 12/15 @ D54 Conference Tournament.  Good luck, Mustangs!  
Girls Volleyball and Wrestling will begin after winter break.  For information about both of these sports including their permission slips, please click HERE. 
Clubs and Intramural Sports:   Please encourage your child to get involved in these upcoming offerings: Art Club, Creative Writing Club, Club Unify, History Fair Club, Drama Club, Volleyball, and Mead TV.  Please visit our Clubs and Intramural Sports page on our website for more information and downloadable permission slips for these clubs and intramural sports!
Important upcoming dates: 

  • December 23-January 8:   Winter Break

Please visit our Mead JHS Website for the building calendar.  Don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and watch our YouTube Channel to stay updated with the latest news and information about the great things happening at Mead.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your continued support and commitment to ensuring your student’s educational success.
Have a great week,