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September 26th-30th Homework

Read 20 minutes a night

WICDorianGray due Wednesday, 9/28

Vulgar: Adjective: Lacking sophistication or good taste. Tasteless, crass, ostentatious, gaudy

Immensely: Adverb: To a great extent, extremely.

SSRRaymondsRun due Thursday, 9/29

Argumentative Paper due Wednesday, 10/5

September 19th-23rd Homework

Read 20 minutes a night

WICWhiteLie due Tuesday, 9/20 (Choose two words)

SSRStoptheSun due Thursday, 9/22

September 12th-16th Homework

Read 20 minutes a night

Two words for wicspanish (Due Wednesday, 9/14):

Decimation: (noun) destruction, demolition, ruined- killing off of a large group,

Subjugation: (noun) defeat, overthrow, suppression- the act or process of bringing a group under control of another.

ssrrain due Thursday, 9/15

September 5-9 Homework

Read 20 minutes a night

charlesresponses due Friday, 9/9

debate due Friday, 9/9

D211 EXPLORE Test on Saturday, 10/1

8th Grade Language Arts

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