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Celebrating the Cubs World Series Victory!

Here is what one of the most enthusiastic Cub fans in the 8th grade band added to our board this morning after the Cubs won game 7 last night. (Even though I was born and raised a Sox fan, I am still very excited that the Cubs finally won the World Series.) It was fun to play Take Me Out to the Ballgame to celebrate their victory!

cubs board

Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct. 31

Mon., Oct. 31: 4C, 5aD, 5bE, 7F, 8A, 9B; Tues., Nov. 1: 3H, 5I, 6J, 8K, 9G; Wed., Nov. 2– no lessons; Thurs, Nov. 3: 4N, 5O, 7P, 8L, 9aM; Fri., Oct. 28: 4R, 6S, 7T, 9Q.

Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct. 24

Mon., Oct. 24: 3C, 4bD&E, 6F, 7A, 8B; Tues., Oct. 25: 4I, 5J, 7K, 8G, 9H; Wed., Oct. 26– no lessons; Thurs, Oct. 27: 3N, 4O, 6P, 7L, 8aM; Fri., Oct. 28: 3R, 5S, 6T, 8Q.

Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct. 17

Mon., Oct. 17: 3aD, 3bE, 5F, 6A, 7B, 9C; Tues., Oct. 18: 3I, 4J, 6K, 7G, 8H; Wed., Oct. 19– no lessons; Thurs, Oct. 20: 3O, 5P, 6L, 7A, 9N; Fri., Oct. 21: 4S, 5T, 7Q, 9R.

Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct. 10

Mon., Oct. 10: no school; Tues., Oct. 11: 3J, 5K, 6G, 7H, 9I; Wed., Oct. 12– no lessons; Thurs, Oct. 13: 4P, 5L, 6aM, 8N, 9O; Fri., Oct. 14: 3S, 4T, 6Q, 8R.

Lesson Schedule for Week of Oct. 3

Mon., Oct. 3: 4F, 5A, 6B, 7C, 8C, 9aD, 9bE; Tues., Oct. 4: 4K, 5G, 6H, 8I, 9J; Wed., Oct. 5– no lessons; Thurs., Oct. 6: No lessons today (half-day for P/T conf.); Fri., Oct. 7: no school today.

Lesson Schedule for Week of Sept. 26

Mon., Sept. 26: 3F, 4A, 5B, 7C, 8aD, 8bE; Tues., Sept. 27: 3K, 4G, 5H, 7I, 8J; Wed., Sept. 28– no lessons; Thurs., Sept. 29: 3P, 4L, 5bM, 7N, 8O; Fri., Sept. 30: 3T, 5Q, 7R, 9S.

Lesson Start Next Week

Students will have their weekly lesson either on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.  The lessons will be on a rotating basis through periods 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.  The students are responsible for the missed work during the affected class.  They also need to report to the band lesson in a timely fashion, as we have a lot to accomplish!  Following is our first week’s lesson schedule:

Monday, Sept. 19: per. 3- Group A, per. 4- Group B, per. 6- Group C, per. 7A- Group D, per. 7B- Group E, per. 9- Group F. Tuesday, Sept. 20: per. 3- Group G, per. 4- Group H, per. 6- Group I, per. 7- Group J, per. 9- Group K. Thursday, Sept. 22: per. 3- Group L, per. 4A- group M, per. 6- Group N, per. 7- Group O, per. 9- Group P. Friday, Sept. 23- per. 4- Group Q, per. 6- Group R, per. 8- Group S, per. 9- Group T.

Septemberfest 2016

Great job to the 8th grade band for a wonderful first performance of the year. With only 5 rehearsals, Mrs. Green really couldn’t have asked for any better. Great job Band!

Here are some pictures from the event:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!

Looking forward to a wonderful year making music together! It’s going to be great!