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Mead: 8th Grade Student Material Pick Up / Drop Off

Dear Eighth Grade Families,

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the nice weather this weeked!  Working with the District 54 Cabinet, we have created a process for students to pick up and drop off all materials at Mead. When coming to Mead, students and parents must adhere to social distancing guidelines. At all times, individuals should keep 6 feet of distance from others and wear personal masks.  Students and parents will be given the opportunity to visit Mead TWICE during the month of May to pick-up and drop-off materials.  Please see below for information about our Material Pick-Up and Drop-Off process.

  • On May 14, 15 or 18, you need to sign up for a time to clean out your child’s hallway locker (please click on the link here or see the link below to sign up) and pick-up the following items:

    • PE locker materials bagged and alpha-ordered in the gymnasium

    • Non-tech district resources (library books, textbooks)

    • Sports uniforms

    • Artwork

    • Club t-shirts

    • Graduation gowns, graduation medallions, and graduation yard sign   

    • Please note that your child will NOT be returning their Chromebook on this day.  Also, if your child ordered a yearbook or graduation photos, needs to pick-up medications, and/or has an instrument to drop off, then please see below.  

  • On May 28, we will be utilizing a “drive-through” model with parents/children staying in vehicles to drop-off and pick-up the following items:

    • Chromebooks, Chromebook charger, and Chromebook case

    • Once we receive the Chromebook, then your child will receive their diploma.

    • Pick-up yearbook, if ordered.  If you would like more information regarding yearbook orders, then please contact Mrs. Morrison at or Mrs. Reimel at  

    • Pick-up graduation photos, if ordered.  If you would like more information regarding graduation photo orders, then please contact or  

    • Pick-up medications and/or medical supplies from the school nurse.  If you would like more information regarding these items, then please contact our school nurse at 

    • Drop-off school-owned musical instruments.  If you would like more information regarding musical instrument drop-off, then please contact Mrs. Green at or Mrs. Kostopulos at  

On May 28, we ask that families arrive during the following times to reduce overflow in the Mead parking lot:   A-L:  8:00 -11:00 am  and M-Z:  12:00 -3:00 pm  

Please sign up here for student locker cleanout. 

Details for locker cleanout:

  •  If your child forgot his/her locker combo, have them look at Infinite Campus prior to coming to school by following these steps.

  • Bring any School District 54 non-tech instructional resource/materials (library books, textbooks, teacher classroom library books, interscholastic sports uniforms that were not turned in, etc.).

  • Clean out hallway locker

  • Pick up items from your child’s PE Locker bagged and in alpha-order in the gymnasium.

  • No more than 10 parent-student combinations are allowed in the building at one time. 

  • Families will sign up for ONE 30-minute time slot to come into the building.  Each parent/child will have 30 minutes to clean out their child’s hallway locker, pick-up PE locker materials in the gym, return instructional materials, and exit the building.  Please sign up here for student locker cleanout. 

  • Chromebook drop off will occur on 5/28.  Students ARE NOT to turn in their Chromebook on locker cleanout day. 

  • You may want to have your child bring a backpack or a bag to put in personal items. 

  • Prior to leaving on this day, students will receive their graduation gown, medallion, and District 54 provided graduation yard sign.

The last day of eighth grade student virtual learning is Wednesday, May 27.  Reminder that the Virtual Graduation video will be posted on the Mead website at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, May 27. 

Please let me know if you have any questions – we look forward to safely seeing you again during the Material Drop-Off and Pick-Up process.